PALO SANTO | Cleansing Stick

PALO SANTO | Cleansing Stick

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PALO SANTO | Cleansing Stick

Organically grown and sustainably sourced 

  • Purifies the spirit
  • Clears negative energy and encourages positivity
  • Inspires creativity
  • Brings a deeper connection to Divine source
  • Aids in physical healing

Smoke cleansing is a form of energy clearing that has been used for hundreds of years where plants are burned to purify the air and the energy of any space or person. As the smoke carries, it picks up on stagnant, dense and unwanted energy that you may have accumulated over time from other places and/or people. The negative energy is transmuted into positive energy that supports you giving you all the good vibes. Palo Santo can also be used as a cleansing tool for crystals and other objects

How to use: Before burning, open all windows and doors are open to ensure that the negative energy you are trying to clear has a pathway to get out. It is important during the cleansing ritual that you give your palo santo stick an intention. Hold the palo santo close to your heart and say "Any negative energies or entities that do not serve me for my highest good are no longer welcome here. I ask all negative energies and entities to leave through the open windows and doors." Light your palo santo and allow it to burn for 20 seconds before lightly blowing it out. Once you see orange embers on the edge of your smoke cleansing stick, you can start your cleansing ritual. As you do this, it is important to carry a fire proof dish under your sage to collect any loose ash.