Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration — start your day with powerful affirmations 

Starting our day with affirmations is a perfect way to lift your vibration. Affirmations are an easy yet effective method of vibrational medicine which is delivered into your energy field through the power of your own voice

Affirmations connect us to gratitude which in turn aligns us with our highest good. The power of positive thought is real! Take three nourishing deep breaths in and affirm any affirmation that aligns with you 

I am worthy of all that I desire
I own my self worth and do not seek validation outside of myself
I give myself space to learn and grow
I give myself the care and attention I deserve
My drive and ambition allow me to achieve my goals
I accept my emotions and allow them to serve their purpose
I attract prosperity and abundance easily and effortlessly into my reality
I radiate positivity, confidence and self respect
I choose to be grateful for all that I have