About Us

Hello beautiful soul, welcome to Astara Collective

Whether you were bought here by fate or by chance - I am truly grateful for you stopping by! My name is Elisha and I launched Astara Collective in October 2020 after many months of deep soul searching in hopes to ‘find’ my true life purpose. It was through meditation and years of energy and crystal healing sessions that I knew being a healer was my soul purpose - to hold space, assist and facilitate beautiful souls on their personal healing journey just as I have myself with the magic of reiki, essential oils, crystals, herbs, flowers, resins and other talented healers who assisted me in my own personal healing journey along the way.

No healing journey is linear - we grow through what we go through and ultimately every situation brings us to where we need to be. You may not see it now but one day you will be absolutely perplexed and in awe how every little thing added up to this moment in time - to break you, make you and shape you.

Every day I express gratitude to the universe for every single moment in my life that has lead me to this. For all the moments that broke me, shook me, tested me and shaped me - I couldn’t be any more blessed, humbled and thankful if I tried for launching a business created with my whole entire heart and soul.

I promise to always create products with loving and pure intentions, to ensure they serve you for your highest good. 

I thank you for your continuous love and support - I couldn’t do this without you! 

I will leave you with a musing I wrote during a eye opening holiday in India -

We are always looking to fill an empty void, forever longing for something we cannot seem to find. The truth is, we aren’t empty. All that we ever truly need is already within us - our strengths, our love, our talents, our courage, our depths and our weaknesses. Those are the very things that make you who you are and it’s not until you’re pushed out of your comfort zone that you truly realise how capable you are!

All my love and gratitude,

Elisha 🌙✨

Reiki Healer | Crystal Healer | Sound Healer