About Us

Hello beautiful soul, welcome to Astara Collective

[a - sta - ra]
Latin - "of the stars"

My name is Elisha and I launched Astara Collective in October 2020 after many years of deep soul searching in hopes to ‘find’ myself and my true life and soul purpose. I grew up in an encouraging spiritually minded family but I always believed my perception of reality was ‘different’ to how others perceived life. I assumed it was because life experiences made me mature quickly but throughout my teen years I discovered my perception of life was different because I was an empath. An empath has the ability to perceive the emotional and mental state of others which as a result can be quite exhausting if personal boundaries are not in place. Because I had the ability to discern what others are feeling which extended to actually taking those feelings on and not being able to discern my own emotions from others, I saw being an empath and a highly sensitive person a detriment and struggled with depression, anxiety and PTSD

At 16, I started my healing journey by incorporating crystals and essential oils into my daily routine. Over time, I discovered reiki, sound healing and other beautiful healing modalities and that is how my journey as a Lightworker ignited! It was through my journey that I discovered my life purpose was to hold space and help transmute darkness into light for other beautiful souls on their own personal healing journey

After completing my reiki level one, crystal healer and sound healer certificates, I felt the call to launch my own soul based business which began with crystal infused essential oil blends. From here, Astara has expanded and evolved beyond any depth of my imagination and I am truly so grateful to share my love of crystals by sourcing ethically sourced crystals from all over the world! Every crystal and product is energetically blessed by myself to ensure an optimal state of being; to elevate your mind, body and soul 

I will leave you with a musing I wrote during a eye opening holiday in India -
We are always looking to fill an empty void, forever longing for something we cannot seem to find. The truth is, we aren’t empty. All that we ever truly need is already within us - our strengths, our love, our talents, our courage, our depths and our weaknesses. Those are the very things that make you who you are and it’s not until you’re pushed out of your comfort zone that you truly realise how capable you are!

All my love and gratitude,
Reiki Healer | Crystal Healer | Sound I Healer