Apophyllite Crystal Properties

Apophyllite — an angel within the crystal kingdom

cleansing ~ calming ~ deep emotional healing ~ intuition ~ clarity ~ angelic communication ~ spirit guides ~ third eye activation ~ releasing trauma ~ energetic cleanse ~ inner peace ~ communication ~ ancestral communication
Apophyllite is a powerful and empowering crystal that has been associated with providing a deep sense of healing; encouraging one to release suppressed emotional trauma held within the physical body, creating a gentle energy to allow one to feel at ease when releasing what no longer serves one for their highest good

Apophyllite instills a deep sense of strength within oneself when processing and releasing trauma; heightening our connection to self instilling inner peace, clarity and enhanced intuition by facilitating a stronger connection to Spirit

Apophyllite empowers unburdening self of negative energy, creating space for revitalisation, unconditional universal love, healing, restored faith and the release of blockages that withhold one from living in their true alignment

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