Crystals For Self Love + Discovery

Crystal Tumbles For Self Love + Discovery — you are the universe in ecstatic motion 

self empowerment ~ inner healing ~ emotional balance ~ calmness ~ heart activation ~ empathy ~ understanding ~ acceptance ~ consciousness

Caribbean Calcite
Calmness ~ Self Discovery ~ Emotional Balance
A tranquil crown and throat chakra activating crystal to aid in higher connection to self, aiding in higher consciousness. Caribbean Calcite instills inner peace, self discovery and ascension to create an optimal state of being

Kindness ~ Self Love ~ Emotional Healing
A harmonising heart chakra activating crystal to aid reconnecting our heart and our mind, releasing blockages between the two. Kunzite encourages empathy, understanding and unlocks divine love, unleashing positive and self love from within

Pink Tourmaline
Self Love ~ Healing ~ Balance
A nurturing heart chakra activating crystal to aid deep emotional healing, inducing change and alleviating fear and anxiety. Pink Tourmaline enhances confidence, self love and trust within oneself

Pink Opal
Renewal ~ Acceptance ~ Love
A balancing heart chakra activating crystal to facilitate nurturing emotional healing and renewal. Pink Opal encourages tranquility, peace and opens ones heart to love, trust and compassion

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