Understanding Energy And How To Protect Yours

Understanding Energy + How To Protect Yours — energy flows where energy goes

Everything we see and feel is made up of energy. Whether it is physical, environmental, our experiences or even our thoughts and feelings - they are all made up of energy. Energy has its own frequency and can vary from people and places. Ultimately, our aim is to resonate at a higher frequency to ensure an optimal state of being

This can be compromised due to physical or environmental influences which is easy to recognise if you come into contact with a person or a space and instantly feel drained or exhausted lowering your own vibration

As a form of energy healing, crystals emit a frequency of unconditional love and work with our energetic bodies to raise our energy and vibration. Each crystal possesses their own healing frequency!

It’s important to know that crystals absorb energy - both positive and negative. Regularly cleansing your crystals with herbal cleansing wands, sunshine or moonlight is important to ‘reset’ your crystals back to their natural balance so they can continue to emit a frequency for your highest good 

How can we protect our energy to ensure we don’t absorb the energy of others? 

— Start your day by envisioning a white light around your body. You may like to call upon your spirit guides and guardian angels to cast a circle of protection around you

— Anoint yourself with essential oils to protect your energy and auric field from negativity

— Carry protective crystals in your pockets. Some may include Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Amethyst or Labradorite

— Place protection crystals in your car, above your front door and in all four corners of your home to create an energetic grid, ensuring your home is protected from negative energy